Child OCD is Not Just About Germs | 8 Common OCD Themes

Your child is doing another “quirky” behavior. It seems like it is always something. You remember the time she had to twirl as she entered a room. And then there was the time that she had to blow on her fingers. You stare as your daughter is tapping the kitchen table four times with each finger. What do these behaviors mean? Once a well-intentioned friend suggested it was child OCD. You had scoffed at the idea. She obviously didn’t know your daughter. Her room looks like a bomb hit it and don’t even get you started on her hygiene. But if it isn’t child OCD, what is it?

Child OCD goes way beyond germs and orderliness. Learn the 8 most common OCD themes and what it looks like in kids.

So many parents dismiss the possibility of childhood OCD because they don’t understand it. OCD isn’t just about germs. OCD isn’t about being neat and orderly. Sure, those are two components in some OCD themes, but what about the thousands of other themes?

If your child has anxiety they are at a higher risk to develop childhood OCD as well. If your child has OCD, their OCD themes can change overnight. Detecting OCD themes early and accurately is key to successful treatment.

Don’t be left clueless. Arm yourself with knowledge. You never know when you’ll need it.

Summary of Podcast:

Child OCD goes way beyond germs and orderliness. Learn the 8 major OCD themes and how they look in children and teens.

In this episode you will learn:

Common myths centered around child OCD.
The 8 most common OCD themes.
Examples of how to spot these OCD themes in your child.

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