How We Teach Our Kids to Not Trust Their Gut Feeling

The hair on the back of her neck is standing up. Her stomach feels weird. She doesn’t like how he is staring at her. She has a weird gut feeling, but she doesn’t know what it is. “Go hug your Uncle Victor,” her mom says. She nervously shakes her head no. “Don’t be rude! Go hug him!” her mom demands.

You tell her to go hug her uncle. Her gut feeling is screaming at her. You yell at her to go. How often do we tell kids to ignore their gut feeling?

How often do we inadvertently tell our child to not trust their gut feeling? How often do we send them the message that their gut feelings don’t count?


Our gut feeling is more than just a vague knowing. It is our body screaming at us that something isn’t right. It is our internal alarm and our first line of defense. It can be a lifesaver and it shouldn’t be ignored. So how do we foster our child’s gut feeling instead of stripping it away?


Let’s talk about it.


Summary of Podcast:


In this episode I talk about the importance of teaching our kids what a “gut feeling” is and how to listen to it.


In this episode you will learn:

The many ways we, as parents, inadvertently teach our kids to not listen to their gut instincts.
How to speak to kids about their gut feelings.
How to foster and encourage them to listen to their gut feelings.

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