When Anxiety and OCD Cause Poor Behavior & Meltdowns

Your child is imploding. You stand there in disbelief. What happened? You run through the last ten minutes in your head looking for the trigger, the spark that lit this fiery storm. Like a needle in a haystack, your mental search is futile. You come up empty handed – again. Meltdowns and poor behavior are becoming par for the course in your home.

Some poor behavior and meltdowns aren’t normal. They are a 7.5 on the Richter scale. Anxiety can cause the perfect storm. Let me teach you how to ride it out.

You want to throw the parenting rule book at him. You want to strip him of every privilege and shut this nasty party down. But this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve been here many times before and you know how it goes. This isn’t your ordinary, run of the mill poor behavior. These aren’t your typical meltdowns. These meltdowns are born from a build up of anxiety. A build up a stress. A build up of such strong emotion there should have been an emergency alert before it hit your home.

So how are you supposed to deal with this tsunami? This tornado of chaos wreaking havoc in your home?

I have my own cyclone at home, although we’ve been able to downgrade him to a tropical storm. I have also helped many parents in my practice learn how to spot and prepare for storms just like the one described. Get on your raincoat and galoshes and let’s talk about riding the storm.

Summary of Podcast:

In this episode you will learn how to differentiate between typical behavior and meltdowns and anxiety-induced behavior. You will also learn how to parent this behavior differently than you would if it was not anxiety-induced.


In this episode you will learn:

How child anxiety and OCD can cause poor behavior and meltdowns.
The best way to address this behavior.
How to reduce poor behavior and meltdowns caused by anxiety and/or OCD.

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