PSP 021: How to Discipline an Anxious Kid

You tell your child to pick up their clothes and they crumble to the ground. “Why are you shouting at me!” They exclaim. Seriously? You just asked them to pick up their clothes. It seems like you can’t even redirect your anxious kid without them imploding. So what are you supposed to do? Not discipline? Walk on eggshells? Is that helpful or hurtful to them long-term? 

Do you struggle to parent your anxious kid? Even if you look at them the wrong way they think you are shouting! Here are some tips on how to effectively discipline an anxious kid.

Summary of Podcast:

Disciplining an anxious child is like walking through a minefield. In this episode I will talk about why it is important to still discipline an anxious kid and how to do this effectively.

In this episode you will learn:

The risks of not parenting an anxious kid.

Why anxious kids are so hard to discipline.

Four approaches for sensitive and anxious children.

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