PSP 015: The Link Between Sensory Processing and Child Anxiety

There is a huge overlap between sensory processing and child anxiety. Learn what it is and how to help a child who has both issues.


In this episode I talk about the overlap between sensory processing issues and child anxiety. Many anxious children also have sensory issues as well. 


In this episode you will learn:

What are some sensory processing issues and how they impact anxious kids.

How sensory issues overlap with child anxiety issues.

How to approach sensory issues in your anxious child.

Where to go to get evaluated for SPD.

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2 responses to “PSP 015: The Link Between Sensory Processing and Child Anxiety”

  1. Alison says:

    Wow! This podcast was really eye opening! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. When listening it was like you were talking about my kid! The jeans and collars, etc. I just started putting 2 and 2 together and being aware my son has some anxiety going on but turns out hes had sensory stuff since he was born and it all kind of makes sense now so thank you for helping me make that connection. We always parented like well all kids do those things so get over it. Then we backed off and let him be him because it wasn’t worth the fight of making him wear pants. Over time it’s come to realize it’s more than that. He’s 13 now so I can openly talk to him and I think he feels validated and more secure that we are all aware and on the same page. Now we can start to work through and get better. Last night for the first time ever in his whole life he ate something with a sauce on it and he was the one who asked to try it!!!!! It was mind blowing! He actually said it was pretty good. WOW! It was cucumber from my salad covered in ranch! He hates soft, mushy and saucy touching anything he will eat. He has puked from it many times! So this is huge! Thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to help him!!!! Also working on his Anxiety with school, he says he hates school but he is straight A’s in accelerated classes. With you tips in talking to him it’s looking like it’s not school that’s the problem but the homework. He hates school all day because he knows he has to come home and do homework. Now I’m going to say to him Tell me what is the worst thing about homework and try to get into it deeper. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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