PSP Episode 007: Child Anxiety & School Refusal

Anxiety can be debilitating, but when anxiety causes school refusal the issue can get serious fast! Learn how to approach the issue.


In this episode you will learn how to handle school refusal and address your child’s anxiety.


In this episode you will learn:

  • The most common reasons for school refusal among anxious children.
  • How to help your anxious children work through their school anxiety.
  • Why avoiding school will make your child’s anxiety worse.
  • How to partner with your child’s school.
  • How to set up in-home challenges to decrease overall anxiety.


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2 responses to “PSP 007: Child Anxiety and School Refusal | Parenting an Anxious Child Who Refuses to Go to School”

  1. Tina says:

    I left my house in tears this morning because my 14 year old daughter who is struggling with social anxiety has refused to go to school the past two days. She’s missed 24 days of school this year. I’ve even enrolled her in an alternative high school with much smaller classes (currently there are only 9 other students in her grade) with AMAZING staff who she is comfortable with.

    Your podcast couldn’t’ have come at a better time. The feelings a parent with a child who’s refusing to go to school range from hopelessness to frustration to embarrassment and humiliation. Others who haven’t experience a strong willed child with anxiety simply cannot understand WHY you can’t get your child to school Just MAKE them go, they say. I’ve tried everything – counseling, empathy/compassion, rewards, consequences, changing schools, having teachers come to the car to coax her in to the school (assuming I can get her there) – she’s even been through truancy court. I was ready to just give up this morning after literally years of struggling with her nearly daily. Your podcast gave me hope and comfort that I am not alone in this and the will to “keep on keepin’ on”. Thank you!!!

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. Anxiety can be so debilitating. I am glad to hear my podcast gave you some feelings of comfort and support. Hang in there, you are not alone. ❤️

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