PSP Episode 005: 

Teaching Body Safety When Parenting: 7 Crucial Areas Parents Miss!



In this episode you will learn the seven crucial areas parents often miss when teaching body safety.


In this episode you will learn:

  • At what age you should start talking about body safety?
  • Why it is important to differentiate secrets from “body secrets.”
  • Why you should talk about “secret touch” instead of “bad touch.”
  • Why you should cover people taking pictures of your child’s private parts.
  • Why developing a code word is one of the best things you can do.

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2 responses to “PSP 005: Teaching Body Safety When Parenting: 7 Crucial Areas Parents Miss”

  1. Reshima Johnson says:

    I wanna know how there grooming the kids. Please. Also I love the effort you put into these pods. Love u sister

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