PSP Episode 001:

Beyond Stranger Danger: 6 Wacky Tips That Can Save
Your Kid’s Life!

Every parent should teach kids these 6 wacky tips. It might just save their life.



In this episode we will talk about how to go beyond stranger danger with these wacky, but life-saving tips! Although the likelihood of anything bad happening to our children is not likely, I am not into gambling my child’s safety.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What parents do that inadvertently puts their kids at risk
  • Why code words are an important weapon in child safety
  • What your kids can do to save their own lives
  • How to stay safe in crowds

What are your thoughts?

How do you keep your own kids safe. Do you teach them tips beyond stranger danger? Do you have thoughts about today’s episode? Leave a comment below!

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2 responses to “PSP 001: Beyond Stranger Danger | 6 Wacky Tips That Can Save Your Kid’s Life”

  1. Erin says:

    Thank you for your podcast, amazing! I have a son with special needs, he has a speech delay and some sensory issues. He speaks quite well, and he is 5. He goes to an early intervention school. I would really appreciate advice on how to teach children with special needs safety awareness and everything you spoke of above. At the school my son attends there are non-verbal children as well as autistic children of varying function and I would love to share with the teachers and parents of the school and to spread the word (already shared this post) on keeping our children safe!!!!!!! Your advice would be invaluable, thank you, Natasha Daniels.

    • Natasha Daniels says:

      Hi Erin –
      I think you would want to adapt these skills in different ways depending on the child’s particular special needs and processing abilities.

      I think having a quick code word when there is danger in the environment could benefit kids who might have a hard time verbally processing a chaotic situation. For instance, you teach a child that when I say “insert code word” – we need to leave very quickly and get to the car.

      I also think role playing the skills I talk about would also be especially important for kids who might learn from repetitive practice.

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