A Mother’s Journey to Help her Daughter and Others with OCD

Parenting a child with OCD can be overwhelming and lonely. The first Tuesday of every month, I am highlighting a member of the AT Parenting Community. We can learn from the real stories of others living a life, similar to ours. In these stories we can see our own.

A mother talks about her journey helping her daughter and others with OCD. Inspired by her daughter’s fight, Molly wrote Practicing Being Brave, a children’s book on OCD.


In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I talk to Molly, a mother of a tween who has had OCD for several years. Molly shares their struggles and wins.


She talks about how her daughter’s struggles led their family to write Practice Being Brave, Owning My OCD. This is one of my favorite books on OCD and I recommend it to everyone I see in my practice. You can check it out here:


To learn more about Molly’s work visit her site Practice Being Brave.


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