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How a Power Pose Can Help Children with Anxiety & OCD

My daughter stands over the balcony. “I’m scared. I can’t sleep.” I look up at her little body. “Brave face!” I encourage. She sighs and then strikes her brave face power pose. Her head held up high, her arms on both hips, her lips pursed and eyes ready for battle. “Good!” I say. “Now what do you need to tell yourself?” She holds her pose and says the words I was hoping she would say, “I am safe in this house! We are all safe in this house!” And with that she is off to go try again.

Teaching anxious kids how to do a power pose might be more effective than you might think! There can be power in how we hold ourselves!

When raising anxious kids, parents need anything and everything in their arsenal to beat anxiety. I teach kids to name their anxiety. To learn how to defeat their anxiety. And to strike a power pose. Why? Not because she looks as cute as all get up (but she does), but because when we look brave, we might start to feel brave.

Let me explain…

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