I love pinterest - but it does not like me! Here is one of my many, many fails from Pinterest!

Don’t you love how they make all those fun, creative projects look so easy. I am a complete Pinterest failure. My playdough comes out too crumbly, my food never looks like it should and my slime…my SLIME is apparently too sticky. UGGGH.


What part of Do not put this in your hair did she not get?


My fault.One should never, ever tell a toddler what NOT to do. That’s toddler 101 stuff. Right?! I should be better than that. But…apparently not.


2 hours later – with a fork, nail polish remover and a patient…very patient husband …my little girl had her smile back and luckily her hair.


Frankly, I would have cut it off 5 minutes into the ordeal. Luckily there are saner and more patient souls in my house.


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