How to Not Pass Our Fears onto Our Kids

Our kids are emotional sponges. They soak up our happiness, but they also soak up our fears. Often when trying to help our kids with anxiety we might project our own worries onto them. Sometimes we might spread our fear throughout the house.

Raising anxious kids is hard, but it is also anxiety producing. I explore how we can make sure our anxiety isn't mixed in with our child's.

In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast I dive into three main topics. First, how do we keep our fears in check during this global pandemic and societal unrest, so we don’t inadvertently spread those fears to our children?

Second, how can we decipher what are our fears and what are our child’s fears? Sometimes we smush the two together and reality gets blurred.

Lastly, how can we respond to our kids when their anxiety makes us anxious? What can we do when sitting with our children’s anxiety creates our own?

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