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Learn amazing parenting skills from the comfort of your own home. Who can beat that? Online parenting classes and videos brought to you by skilled and seasoned child therapists.

A comprehensive list of parenting programs and videos taught by seasoned child therapists. Topics include general parenting, child anxiety and child safety.

Complete Online Parenting Classes:

Parenting Kids with OCD

Crush Social Anxiety (for Kids ages 10 and up & Adults)

Teach Your Kids to Crush Anxiety

Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Child therapist’s Secrets to Get Kids to Listen

Create Coping Skills Champions

Become a Savvy Digital Parent: Dr. Adam Pletter’s Exclusive Strategy for Parenting in the Digital Age!



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Watch these 5 to 15 minute parenting videos. Taught by a child therapist, these videos bring you professional expertise and guidance with quick learning moments.

Child and Teen Anxiety 

Helping Toddlers with Separation Anxiety

What are Sensory Processing Issues

Signs of Anxiety in Kids

How to Parent Anxious Kids

Signs of OCD in Kids

How to Parent Kids with OCD

How to Ease Your Kid’s Panic Attacks

How to Handle School Refusal Due to Anxiety

How to Empower Your Anxious Kids

How to Identify Your Kid’s Anxiety Themes

How to Help Your Kids Personify & Name Anxiety

How to Help Your Kids Build Life Long Coping Mechanisms

How to Handle Anxiety-Related Sleep Issues

How to Go Through Big Life Changes with Anxious Kids

How to Help Your Kids Fight Negative Thoughts

Partner Against Your Kid’s Anxiety


Body Safety

How to Spot a Child Predator

How to Teach Kids Body Safety

How to Help Prevent Sexual Abuse


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