Parenting Anxious Kids: Support, Guidance & Survival Tips E-Book


I have received many requests to provide an easily digestible, printable version of my articles. I have taken over fifty of my most popular articles that have been published on and have compiled them into an e-book! 


Are you looking for help and support with your anxious child? Get my best support, guidance and survival tips!


Below are the articles covered in the book:

Section 1: Parenting

How to Help Your Child with Anxiety: 21 Things Every Parent Should Know


The Best and Worst Parenting Styles for Anxious Children


How to Help an Anxious Child Who Obsesses About Time


4 Ways to Handle People Who Don’t Get Your Anxious Child


How to Teach Your Kids to Beat Anxiety


Want to Help Your Anxious Child? Avoid These 9 Mistakes.


How to Deal with a Child Who is a Perfectionist


When Parenting an Anxious Child, Avoid These 9 No-Nos


The One Thing Every Kid with Anxiety Should Be Doing


What to Do When Your Child is Suffering From Panic Attacks


How to Calm First Day of School Worries


15 of the Best Coping Mechanisms for Kids


5 Ways Caring Parents Make Teen Anxiety Worse


How to Stop the World from Crushing Your Sensitive Children


4 Things Parents Get Wrong About Childhood OCD


Can You Tell the Difference Between Fear and Anxiety?


8 Things Every Parent Should Do When Traveling with Anxious Kids


Child Therapist’s Top 5 Things Parents Should Do with Anxious Kids


How to Find a Good Child Therapist


Is Your Child Scared of Sleeping? 5 Things You Can Do to Help


Did you Know that Play Can Help Your Child’s Fears?


Are Your Child’s Worries Making Them Sick?


Tired of Meltdowns? Create a Break Tent!


Parenting Lessons Only Your Anxious Kid Can Teach You


How to Help Anxious Kids When Bad Things Happen in Our World


If You Have a Child with Anxiety: You Should Know These 5 Things


My Stomach Hurts. I Can’t Go to School.


20 Tell-Tale Signs You Parent an Anxious Kid


5 Tips on How to Parent a Child with OCD


5 Ways to Help Separation Anxiety and Pee in Peace


Teach Your Child to Fight Anxiety


10 Strange Reasons Why Kids Hate Bath Time


End Your Child’s Fear of the Dark with These 9 Sure Fire Tips


Section 2: Diagnosing and Understanding Anxiety Issues


Signs of Selective Mutism: When it Isn’t Just Shyness


Do Your Kids Hate the Sound of People Eating? Misophonia Signs


13 Signs of Health Anxiety: Is it Beyond Sickness


The Link Between Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety


30 Signs of Social Anxiety: When it is Beyond Shyness


The Link Between ADHD and Anxiety: Why it is Misdiagnosed


Are you Missing These 5 Uncommon Signs of Child Anxiety


Is Your Angry Boy Really an Anxious Boy in Disguise?


Bedtime Battles or is it Bedtime Fears? Are You Missing the Signs?


OCD in Children: Are You Missing the Signs


10 Signs of an Anxious Toddler


Section 3: Holidays and Anxiety


5 Ways to Prevent Kids from Having Holiday Meltdowns


What to Do When Your Child is Scared of Halloween


Child Therapist’s Tips to Help Anxious Kids During the Holidays


Section 4: Inside the Mind of Anxious Kids and Their Parents


My Double Life as a Child Therapist and Mother to Anxious Kids


Why the World Needs More Anxious Teens


To the Mother with the Anxious Child


Dear Mom and Dad, It’s Me – Your Shy Kid.


Dear Mommy & Daddy, From Your Anxious Toddler


Dear Mom and Dad, It’s Me, Your Anxious Kid.