An Inside Look into Parenting a Child with OCD | Member Spotlight Segment

You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of parents just like you. They feel despair, they feel overwhelmed, they feel hope.

In this episode, Kortney talks about her struggles and wins raising a child with OCD. You are not alone and after listening this episode, you realize that.

Welcome to the new segment on the AT Parenting Survival Podcast called Member Spotlight! The first week of each month, I will spotlight a member of the AT Parenting Community to talk about their struggles, their wins and a bit of their journey.

We learn from other people’s stories. We get inspired by other people’s wins. Let me bring some amazing stories to you.

I begin this new segment talking to Kortney. Kortney is a mom to a twelve-year-old boy with OCD. She shares her parental struggles and her determination to help her son.


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