An Inside Look into Parenting a Child with OCD & Skin Picking Disorder | Member Spotlight Segment

You are not alone. That is the main message from my new segment on the AT Parenting Survival Podcast called, Member Spotlight Segment.

In this episode, you hear from Sophie, a parent raising a child with OCD and Dermatillomania. She talks about her struggles with the lack of services, trusting her mama gut and her creative approaches to help her daughter with skin picking.

This month I invited AT Parenting Community member, Sophie onto the show. She shares the struggles of trying to help her daughter in a country that has limited resources for children with OCD. She discusses early misdiagnoses, her frustration with the system and the evolution of a common co-morbid condition called Dermatillomania (or Skin Picking Disorder).

She talks about the importance of trusting your parental gut. She shares with us her creative approaches to helping her daughter with skin picking and the success they have had with these approaches.


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