Coping with the Stress of Parenting a Child with Anxiety or OCD: Interview with Kevin Ashworth

There is nothing harder than watching your child struggle. Unfortunately when you are parenting a child with anxiety or OCD you do a lot of that. And I mean a lot!

Are you parenting a child with anxiety or OCD? Learn how to handle all the stress it can bring!

To make matters worse, many of us bring our own anxiety and stress to the table, completely compounding the issue!


We feel frustrated that our kids have to go through this. We feel overwhelmed that they aren’t communicating. We feel guilty that we grow impatient at their behavior.


I often talk about how to handle our own parental stress when going on this journey.


This week on the AT Parenting Survival Podcast I invited Kevin Ashworth, the Clinical Director of NW Anxiety Institute , and the creator of the Youtube channel, Fighting Fear with Kevin Ashworth.


We had a great chat about how to help parents cope with the mountain of stress they might feel when parenting a child with anxiety or OCD. He offers some helpful mindset shifts that can help us all!


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