PSP 128: Learn How Hormones Can Play a Role in Parental Anxiety

Do you suffer from some parental anxiety? Have you gotten more anxious as you’ve gotten older? Do you attribute it to the chaos and stress you experience raising kids with anxiety or OCD? Well, you might be missing one key culprit…hormones!

Have you had an increase in parental anxiety lately? Learn how hormones impact woman starting in their mid-thirties, and how it can make us more anxious.

As women, we start to have hormonal changes as early as our mid-thirties. And with those changes can come, fatigue, weight gain, irritability and….you guessed it, anxiety.

This topic is not in my wheelhouse, so I invited Hilary Rank, a Health and Wellness Coach and the creator of the Balance Effect Method, to break it down for us. She talks about how these hormonal shifts work and what we can do to reduce the symptoms that come with it.

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