I have invited Kara Masterson to share with us her amazing tips on how to organize the playroom! 

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Children don't play well in clutter. They don't clean up as well either! Here are 6 ways to organize the playroom!

The child’s playroom can quickly become a disaster area if clutter is not controlled. Follow these six tips to turn playroom debacles into playroom dreams.

Designate Play Zones

Be thoughtful when deciding where to place toys in the room. Put toys closest to the area where they will be used. For example, place a bin of blocks near a table or other hard surface to create a prime building space. By establishing areas for toys, you will cut down on the amount of mess made at one time.

Go Vertical

Maximize the amount of floor space in the playroom by utilizing wall storage. Mount an easel on the wall and store art supplies nearby to create an efficient, easy-to-clean crafting area. Art messes will be minimized and contained to one area of the playroom. Another advantage of vertical storage is the ability to place expensive, heirloom, or easily broken toys out of reach of young children.

Rotate and Review

Cut down on the clutter by starting with less clutter. Set aside several plastic bins of toys into storage for a few weeks. When the stored toys are brought back into the play rotation, kids get to rediscover their forgotten toys. This is especially useful for seasonal toys. You may find some toys that were not missed and can be given to charity.

Skip the Toy Box

It seems counterintuitive, but there are much better options than the traditional toy box. Sort toys into similar groups and place them together into clear plastic storage bins. Your child can easily find her desired toy without pulling out all the other toys. The clear bins eliminate the need for labeling and make cleanup easier. Non-readers will be able to sort toys into their correct bin without assistance. Places like Quantum Storage can help you find the best possible storage bins for you and your family.


Reuse old furniture in creative ways in the playroom. An old dresser becomes the perfect storage spot for board games. Barbie dolls fit perfectly into behind-the-door shoe organizers. A storage ottoman hides a plethora of stuffed animals. All of these ideas cut down on the amount of visual clutter.

Make Cleanup Painless

One of the best ways to control clutter is to have your child pick up after himself. Make cleanup as easy as possible. A crayon bucket is simpler than putting crayons back into the original box. Swiping Legos off a table into a large bin is more convenient and durable than putting them back in their original cardboard boxes. Tossing stuffed animals into a storage bin is effortless compared to lining them up on a shelf.

It’s not always easy to keep up with the multitude of toys, but with these six steps you will wipe out the clutter and create an entertaining and tidy playroom.



imageKara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.




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