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Teaching Kids How to Deal with OCD Thoughts

It is hard to watch your child with OCD struggle. It is hard to try and motivate them to fight the urge to do compulsions. It is hard to watch as they get stuck over and over again. Parents need support. Kids need support. The more a child can understand how OCD works and how to crush it – the better! That is why I have made YouTube videos directly for kids with OCD and anxiety. In this week’s episode I am teaching kids how to deal with OCD thoughts.

OCD thoughts are hard for anyone to conquer. But what if you were just a kid? In this week’s YouTube video I teach kids how to deal with OCD thoughts.

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2 responses to “Ask The Child Therapist Episode 66 Kids Edition: Teaching Kids How to Deal with OCD Thoughts”

  1. Kortney Little says:

    I liked this because it tells you if you are new to “o” and need some basic ways to get though the beginning, its helpful. My biggest Obsessive thought are the “What if’s” I call them futurist worries.. like did I do that, did I not do that? – 10 yr old. – Natasha, BIggest thanks for posting this “Gold” my son and I watch your video’s together and they are so helpful! while I double up and listen to the pod casts, you put a lightheartedness to the scary world of OCD and GIVE HOPE!

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