How Understanding Anxiety & OCD Themes Can Help Your Child

Anxiety and OCD come in many flavors. Often we even name these flavors with various titles like symmetry OCD, Harm OCD, Separation Anxiety, Emetophobia etc. 

Do you know your child’s anxiety or OCD themes? Learn why understanding themes can be critical to helping them with their progress and why you have to be careful as well.

Does it really matter what theme of anxiety or OCD my child has?

Yes and no. 

There are pitfalls to wearing blinders and only focusing on your child’s anxiety or OCD theme. 

However there are also incredible benefits to understanding the various ways anxiety and OCD can show up.

In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast I will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly related to understanding your child’s anxiety and OCD themes and how to use them to catapult your child’s progress.

To get a FREE copy of the PDF: 15 of the Most Common But Often Missed OCD Themes in Children and Teens text the word: OCDPDF to the number 44222 or go here:


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