Is Anxiety or OCD Taking Over Your Child’s Identity?

It is wonderful for our kids to recognize they have anxiety or OCD. It is also helpful for them to communicate when they are struggling with these issues. But sometimes our kids can over identify with their anxiety or OCD.

In this week’s YouTube video I teach kids how to not let anxiety or OCD take over their identity.

I have OCD, I can’t!

It’s my OCD, leave me alone!

You know I can’t go. It’s one of my anxiety issues.

I have social anxiety, so I can’t ask.

When our child’s identity becomes negatively fused with anxiety or OCD, It can create further obstacles to their long-term success.

In this week’s Youtube video, I talk to kids and teens about the risks of anxiety or OCD taking over their identity. I discuss how to build an identity outside of anxiety or OCD as well as how to identify with those struggles in a more positive way.

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