OCD Symptoms in Teens: Are you Missing the Signs?

“He’s really oppositional!” The mom vents. “Honestly it takes a miracle to get him to do anything. Don’t even get me started on how long it takes him to get out of the house in the morning.” She takes a breath and continues, “And no one can go into his room. One time I entered his room without his permission and he had a complete meltdown.” This is often my initial introduction to a teen whose main issue isn’t opposition, but rather OCD. OCD symptoms in teens are often misconstrued as oppositional or quirky behavior.


OCD symptoms in teens are often missed. Don’t let your teen suffer silently. Learn how to spot OCD symptoms in your teen.


I go on to meet with this “oppositional” kid. He sits quietly on my therapy couch. He talks about having to do and redo his laces, his buttons, his belt. He talks about having to decontaminate his room and how stressful it is when his family enters his room and he has to start his rituals all over again. He talks about living in a private pain, a pain so deep he feels overwhelmed and alone. A pain he has never shared with anyone.


Teens with OCD are often embarrassed and ashamed of their behavior. They often hide their OCD symptoms for years and years. Don’t miss OCD symptoms in teens, learn what to look for so you can address the true issue of what may be going on in your home.


Let me show you how to detect OCD symptoms in teens:

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