PSP 086: The OCD Symptoms in Children No One Wants to Talk About

OCD Symptoms in children are fairly misunderstood in general, but there are some symptoms that no one wants to talk about. These are symptoms that can be grossly misdiagnosed causing kids years if not decades of poor treatment and not an ounce of help.

OCD symptoms in children are fairly misunderstood in general, but there are some symptoms no one wants to talk about. I go through the most common ones!

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I go over what these symptoms are and how to spot them in your kids.

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Resources on Moral and Harm OCD:

Your child is child confesses every bad thought, memory and action they think they’ve ever done. What is going on? Could it be scrupulosity OCD?

OCD isn’t always about germs. Sometimes it is about bad thoughts. Thoughts that you are a bad person. Help your child with Scrupulosity OCD by showing them this YouTube video.

Harm OCD can cause a child to worry they might hurt or harm themselves or those around them. Learn more about what Harm OCD is and how to help kids who have it.

Harm OCD can send parents running to professionals. Learn what it is and how you can help your children survive it.

Books to Help Kids with OCD:

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