How to Help Our Kids when Anxiety and OCD Lead to Depression 

Having anxiety or OCD can be depressing. It can make your child feel hopeless, overwhelmed and discouraged. It can rob them of the things they used to enjoy one fear and one compulsion at a time.

Having anxiety or OCD can lead to depression due to the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness those disorders can bring with it. In this video I offer some simple tips to combat those depressive feelings.

Clinical Depression can be a comorbid condition with anxiety or OCD, but in this Youtube video I am not talking about clinical depression. I am talking about the despair and depressive feelings anxiety and OCD can bring. Feeling depressed can have a huge impact on the level of motivation a child has in working on their anxiety or OCD. It can impact their ability to function.

In this video I talk about a few simple but effective ways to avoid falling into that depressive state and how to make sure that you don’t lose hope as you work on crushing your anxiety or OCD.


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