Helping Parents Handle the Grief that Comes with an Anxiety or OCD Diagnosis

Most of us had a fantasy of what parenting would look like. It might have involved Pinterest crafts, bake sales and play dates. It probably didn’t include hyperventilating, panic and avoidance. None of us signed up to parent a child with anxiety or OCD and most of us weren’t prepared to do it.

It’s normal to have grief over what would have been. Learn how to process that grief, explore your feelings and move forward.

It’s normal to have grief over what would have been. It’s normal to feel sad about the extra layer of struggles that were scooped onto your parental plate. But how do you move through that grief? How do you work through it so you are better equipped to help your child?

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast I talk about the grief that most of us feel when raising a child with anxiety or OCD, myself included. I also talk about how to not get so lost in the weeds that you aren’t able to find your way out.

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