OCD Compulsions are Fuel to OCD | Is Your Child Fueling Their OCD?

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

The math is simple. The more compulsions our kids do, the bigger their OCD will grow. And yet, OCD can make it feel more complicated in their head. It can make them go to the mental gym weighing out the dangers. It can make them calculate the risks. It can make them believe that their safety or even their identity is at risk.

In this youtube video for kids and teens, I talk about how compulsions fuel OCD and how build muscles to slowly crush it.

So how do they stop fueling their OCD?

First, they should learn what things are compulsions. Kids (and parents) often miss compulsions that only consist of avoidance, accommodations or mental activities. 

Second, they need to build their muscles to not fuel their OCD. The best way to reduce OCD is to cut off the fuel line. That can take time, patience and perseverance – but it is the sure fire way to reduce OCD symptoms in the long-term.

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🌸 Want more in-depth help on how to build those skills and cut off the fuel line? Check out my online course: OCD Course for Kids and Teens.