What is the Difference Between a Child with an OCD Compulsion Versus a Habit?

It’s always something. Right now it is doorways. She has to tap them twice as she enters or leaves a room. Next month that will go away and something equally bizarre and irrational will come and take its place. But she’s not hurting anyone. She just always has some “quirky” behavior. But what if it isn’t quirky behavior. What if it isn’t a habit or a routine? What if it is an OCD compulsion. A compulsion that when done over and over again strengths her need to do more and more compulsions.

OCD is very treatable if spotted early. Many parents mislabel an OCD compulsion as a habit or a quirk. Let me show you how to tell the difference.

OCD loves when others write it off. It loves when it is not taken seriously. It hides behind words like habits, routines and quirks. It hides behind ignorance. If a child is showing any OCD compulsions it is important to start working on the issue right away. When OCD hasn’t been around for years and years it is much easier to defeat.

So are you missing your child’s compulsions? Let me explain how to spot the difference.

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When a Compulsion is Mislabeled as a Tic:

Your child is doing it again. That weird quirk. You cringe every time you see it. You tell yourself tics in children are common - it will pass. But what if it is not a tic.

Helpful Books on Childhood OCD: