How to Help Kids Adapt to a New Normal with the Coronavirus

Our kids are home indefinitely. Classes are cancelled. Parties, sporting events and extracurriculars – all gone for now. Many of our pantries look like we are waiting for a hurricane to hit.

So how are we supposed to help our kids not panic?

How are we supposed to help our kids develop a new routine and not go stir crazy?

How are we supposed to keep our own anxiety in check so it doesn’t rub off on our children?


Learn how to help kids (and yourself) adapt to living a new normal with the Coronavirus. I discuss how to address panic, routine and mindset during these times.


In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast I explore all these struggles and try to help shine a light in what can feel at times like a deep hole of darkness.


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Kid/Teen YouTube Video: Adapting to the New Normal:


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Other Resources to Help Support Learning and Structure at Home:


Sample Schedules for Kids Home from School During Coronavirus Outbreak

Free online learning from Scholastic

Amazon Kindle: 2 Months of unlimited access free (be careful with the fine print, it will auto renew after two months)

Outschool: Online classes for kids (academic, life skills, art, hobbies)

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Free Online Learning Resources 

Schools Closed? Here’s How to Teach Kids at Home

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