Is Your Child Quick To Beat Themselves Up? | Dealing with Negative Self-Talk

Is your child quick to beat themselves up? Always taking the blame? Always self-hating? Many kids fill themselves with guilt, shame and anger when they make mistakes. Regardless of the situation, they turn their anger and disappointment inward. It’s difficult to watch kids be so hard on themselves. It’s hard to hear them have so much negative self-talk.

Is your child too hard on themselves? Always quick to say it is their fault. In this Kids Youtube video I talk to kids about negative self-talk.

So how do you help?

Change their view.

You’ll never be able to help your child until they want to help themselves. I often feel like a salesman when I try motivating kids to work on their issues.

I need to sell them on why it matters.

A child needs to buy into the idea that negative self-talk is harmful – otherwise they’ll never be motivated to change it.

This week in my Kids Youtube video I am talking to kids directly on how they view themselves and how to shift their perspective.

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