Moving with Kids can be a difficult task. They might not want to leave their friends behind, or they might not understand why the move is taking place.

Trying to explain moving to them may seem difficult at first, but here are some tips you can follow to make the move with kids easier for everyone involved.

Moving is a major hassle. Moving with kids can be a nightmare! Start off on the right foot with these 5 tips!

Family Meeting!

Before the move occurs, hold a family meeting so that everyone understands why it’s happening, when it will happen and what needs to be done before the day arrives.

Assign jobs for everyone, especially children so that they can be involved in making some of the decisions as to what they want to take with them. This should be a time when children can talk about how they feel about moving.



Items that you can’t take with you right away can be put in a storage unit. Some moving companies, such as Stewart Moving and Storage, will offer a storage container for you to use during the process of getting your belongings from the old home to the new one so that you don’t have to transport everything at one time. Furniture and large toys are items to consider putting in storage as they can be difficult to maneuver.


Moving Sale

While you’re going through each room of the home, use it as a way to get things together for a moving sale. Some of the clothing, toys and decorations that you no longer need can be sold, and the money can be used by children to get something for the new room. This is a way for children to discard some of the things they no longer use that they might not even know they still have in the closet or in a dresser.


Room Plans

Once you take a tour of the new home, let children come up with ideas on how to decorate their new rooms. They can choose a theme or a few colors that they want to use in the room. If they are involved in what the new space will look like, then they might be more comfortable with the move.


Going Away Party

Invite friends over so that children can say good-bye until you get settled in the new home. This shouldn’t be seen as a sad event. Let children know that they can invite their friends to the new home once everyone is settled.

Moving can be emotional for everyone in the family. Children sometimes don’t understand why they have to leave their home. Plan a meeting so that they can ask questions. Look at the new rooms, and let children determine how they want the room to appear once you’re in the home.

Overall, moving with children can be a struggle, but it is definitely possible. Just make sure that you talk to your kids about it regularly. Help them to understand everything that is going on. Helping your kids enjoy the move can definitely help make it a more enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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