What to Do When OCD Makes a Child Feel Like they are Lying

Many kids with Moral OCD worry that they might be lying. This type of intrusive thought often gets missed because the compulsions around the thought are so subtle.

I want pizza… I think.

I had a good day… I guess.

The very act of talking, making decisions and answering questions becomes a struggle for a child with this issue.

This Youtube video was created to help kids when they have OCD thoughts that tell them they are lying. This is a common issue with kids who have Moral OCD.

They might have a hard time giving you a firm answer. They might soften their responses with I think, maybe, I guess, I’m not sure. They might refuse to make a choice or have a meltdown right after.

They might have a hard time reading or doing assignments because OCD tells them that they didn’t really do it. OCD might make them do it over again and again.

The first step in helping a child with any OCD issue is helping them understand it.

In this week’s Youtube video I talk to kids and teens about how OCD can make people feel like they are lying and what to do when it happens.


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