Are you a Mom with Social Anxiety? How to Not Only Survive But Thrive.

Kids birthday parties. Play dates. Mommy groups. If those words create a small knot in your stomach you are not alone. Social anxiety is a major struggle, but when you add parenthood to the mix you can suddenly find yourself walking in a social minefield. Being a mom with social anxiety catapults you into a sea of social interaction that is hard to avoid. The guilt of not being social is now not only about you, but about your kids. Ouch. That makes it even harder to deal with it.

Being a mom with social anxiety can be twice as hard. Now you have to avoid your own social situations as well as your child’s. I talk about how to crush social anxiety and get your happiness back.

When I had children I discovered something that had been hiding within me my whole life – social anxiety. I found my heart pounding faster when I found a wrinkled birthday invitation at the bottom of my child’s book bag. I would struggle to respond to texts cheerfully asking to set up play dates. Thoughts like Do I have to go or can I drop my child off would run through my head. I found creative ways to avoid these social gatherings.

Finally I realized my social anxiety was getting in the way. Getting in the way of my children’s lives, but more importantly getting in the way of mine as well. It took three kids and forty plus years to realize it – but social anxiety was cramping my style.

Can you relate? Does this sound like you? In this week’s podcast episode I talk about having social anxiety as a parent, my own struggles and how to get yourself out of social anxiety’s annoying grip.


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