PSP 064: Answering Questions About Medicating Kids for Anxiety or OCD

One of the hardest decisions for a parent is whether or not to medicate a child with anxiety or OCD. For many parents who aren’t raising a child with anxiety or OCD this may be a no brainer. But when your child is paralyzed with fear, unable to eat, unable to go to school, is scrubbing their hands until they bleed – you might have a different perspective on medicating kids with anxiety or OCD.

If you have questions about medicating kids for anxiety or OCD – this podcast episode is for you!

This week I invited Danielle Putrow, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with eighteen years of experience with children and young adults to talk to us about:

-How to tell when you should consider medication
-What medications tend to be used most often for anxiety and OCD
-What side effects to watch out for if giving medication 
-How hard is it to get kids off these medications
-What to expect from a provider

And many other questions that fill our brain when we think of going the medication route.



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