Helping a Socially Anxious or Shy Kid Make New Friends

I sat there quietly. Maybe it looked like I was sad, angry or annoyed. Regardless of how I looked, it definitely wasn’t friendly. But inside, my mind was shouting, “Talk to me! Smile at me! Do you want to be friends?” But other kids rarely approached me. I thought I was a shy kid, but really, I wasn’t. I had social anxiety. I was actually quite outgoing once you got to know me.

Does your child struggle to make new friends due to social anxiety or feelings of shyness? In this week’s kids youtube video I teach kids how to overcome this!


But regardless of whether your child is socially anxious, shy or introverted, creating new friendships can sometimes be hard!

This week on my Kids Youtube channel, I am talking to kids about how to make new friends, even when they are shy or socially anxious (which aren’t mutually exclusive by the way).


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