Teaching Kids their Attitude Towards Life with Anxiety or OCD Matters

I can’t do this. This sucks! I’m going to have the WORST day ever. I’ll never beat this! Life with anxiety or OCD can conjure up all sorts of negative thoughts like that. And who is to blame a child for having those feelings. Anxiety or OCD is overwhelming.

Life with anxiety or OCD and be hard, but when you have a negative, self-defeating attitude it can be even harder! I’m talking to kids about how attitude can impact progress.

But… I try to teach kids that those thoughts have power. They have power to shut down progress. They have power to take away motivation. And they have power to keep the struggle actively alive and kicking.

Helping kids see the connection between their attitude and their progress is key. However, all we can do is provide our kids with the seeds -it is their job to water it and let those beliefs grow.

To help you sow the fields, I’m offering some seeds of my own. In this week’s kids youtube video I am helping kids connect the dots between their attitude towards life with anxiety or OCD and their long-term progress.

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