Helping Kids with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety doesn’t announce itself. It creeps into your world and your life one paranoid, self-conscious thought at a time. What if they don’t like me? What if they are talking about me? Why don’t they include me. Kids with social anxiety can be consumed with these thoughts a hundred times a day. These thoughts not only stop any socialization in it’s tracks – but it can make a child want to hide in their home, avoiding judgement, criticism and rejection.

Social anxiety can make kids want to avoid any and all social interactions. In this week’s youtube video I teach kids with social anxiety how to beat it one step at a time.

The sad part is that much of the time the socially anxious child is getting it all wrong. The stares, the whispers, the rejections – it isn’t always about them. In fact, most of the time it is not. So how do you build a child up and empower them to socialize? How do you help a child to not whither away in avoidance?


This week on Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition I am teaching kids what social anxiety is and how to crush it one step at a time.

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