Ways Parents Can Help Kids with Selective Mutism with Anna Biavati-Smith

“He’s just shy, he’ll grow out of it.” That’s what many parents hear when they voice their concerns about a child with undiagnosed Selective Mutism. Selective Mutism is often missed or completely misunderstood. The sad part is with early treatment, kids with Selective Mutism can make great progress.

Selective Mutism is often mislabeled as shyness. In this episode we talk about what Selective Mutism is and what parents can do to help their children.

That is why I brought on Anna Biavati-Smith, a Speech and Language Therapist as well as one of UK’s top leading Selective Mutism specialists onto the podcast. She discusses not only what Selective Mutism is, but the many different approaches parents can take to help their child.

To learn more about Anna’s work visit her website here.  You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

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