Three Ways to Help Anxious Kids with Picky Eating

If your child is anxious, they are more likely to be a picky eater as well. This makes sense if you really think about it. Anxiety loves to scare our kids. It’s too dark. It’s too dangerous. Anxiety likes to whisper things about food too. It’s too chewy. It’s too smelly. What if’s like to have their turn too. What if I choke? What if it tastes really bad?

Alisha Grogan, an Occupational Therapist, joins us to show three simple, but highly effective ways to to help anxious kids with picky eating.

In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast I invited Alisha Grogan, an Occupational Therapist and creator of the site, Your Kid’s Table to offer us three simple ways to help our kids with picky eating. Her ideas are simple to carry out, yet highly effective.

You also don’t want to miss Alisha’s Picky Eating Workshop Series outlining the 2-Step Process to moving your child From picky eater to healthy child. It starts May 7th, 2020 but if you miss it, you can catch the replay. Register here.

Picky Eating Workshop

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