PSP 092: How to Help Kids with OCD or Anxiety Who aren’t Motivated to Help Themselves

You’ve read all the books. You’ve joined all the Facebook groups. You’ve started therapy. Now if your child would just get on board with the whole process – they can really make progress with their issues. But they won’t. They refuse to talk about it. They refuse to fight it. They refuse any and all help. How are you supposed to help kids with OCD or anxiety if they don’t want to help themselves?

Does your child have anxiety or OCD and they are not motivated to work on their issues? Learn how you can help kids with OCD or Anxiety with motivation.

That is the million-dollar question.

Motivation is KEEEEY to success – did I use enough Es? Without it you have nothing. Trust me I know. I spend day in and day out with kids in my therapy practice and then I go home to three of them as well.

I don’t move on until motivation is solid.

So, what is a parent to do? I have some thoughts on that – and I share them on this week’s episode of The AT Parenting Survival Podcast.

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