Helping Kids with Moral OCD

Hearing your child confess thoughts that do not make sense can be heartbreaking. Moral OCD is one of the most confusing OCD themes a parent, and for that matter, a child, can experience. Kids with Moral OCD are bombarded with thoughts.

What if I am a bad person?
What if I did something bad?
What if I do something bad?

Learn how to help kids with Moral OCD.

They can come at you with a barrage of questions that seem to never end.

Do you think it is bad if I…
I had this thought that…
What if I…

The need for reassurance and confessing is never ending.

In this week’s podcast episode I am going to dive into the counterintuitive approach that helps children with Moral OCD. But first, to get a basic understanding of Moral OCD, also known as Scrupulosity OCD or Religious OCD, click here.

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Online Class on Moral OCD:

In this quick, simple online mini-course you will learn not only what Moral OCD is – but the best ways to handle it at home. The course includes videos and worksheets both for you and your child.

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