Helping Kids with Misophonia

Did you know that there is actually a condition that makes people rage when they hear certain sounds? It’s true. Some kids aren’t trying to be difficult, they truly hear sound differently than you. Kids with Misophonia are distressed and overwhelmed when they hear certain sounds.


Kids with Misophonia can go into a rage when they hear certain sounds. In this youtube video I teach kids how to cope with sound rage caused by Misophonia.

These sounds trigger their limbic system and can cause intense rage and emotional volatility.

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In the latest edition of Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition, I am teaching kids how to cope with sound rage.

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Your child is raging. You look around to see what sound could have triggered him this time. Misophonia triggers can be many things. Learn what they are.

Does your child get angry at the sounds of other people eating. Do they go ballistic at the sounds of slurping, chomping and chewing? They might suffer from Misophonia.