Helping Kids with Intrusive Thoughts

We all have intrusive thoughts, but when you have OCD those thoughts get stuck in your head. They get loud and constant and are hard to ignore. So how is someone meant to get any relief from OCD and these thoughts?

Intrusive thoughts can overwhelm a person with OCD. In this week’s video I talk about how to overcome those thoughts in a counterintuitive approach.

It is often the opposite of what you may think. OCD wants you to argue with it. It wants you to feed it with OCD compulsions. It wants you to grow it with mental compulsions. It wants you to overthink and over process these bad thoughts.

But the way to handle intrusive thoughts is the opposite of what most people think. You have to beat OCD at it’s own game.

In this week’s youtube video, I am teach people how to handle intrusive thoughts and get their life back again.

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Online Class: How to Crush Your Child’s OCD

Helping kids with OCD is a family affair. A child cannot do it alone. To learn what steps you can take to help your child with OCD take my online class, How to Crush Your Child’s OCD. Learn your role and how to do Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) at home, the most effective approach to OCD.

How to Crush OCD Class