Helping Kids with Health Anxiety

Do you check for fevers nightly? Do you hear about lumps, bumps and sores? Does your child worry that they are just hours away from impending doom and death? If this sounds familiar, you might be dealing with health anxiety. Health anxiety is not fun. It can make a child worry about every single bodily change.

Does your child worry about their health all the time? They might have health anxiety. This kids youtube video teaches kids what it is and how to overcome it.

And if your child is worrying – so are you. Because you can bet that you’ll be hearing about all their symptoms (and if you have anxiety, this can be quite triggering)!


So how do you help with this type of anxiety? You can start with educating your child on what it is and how to address it. I have made a Kids YouTube video to help kids understand what health anxiety is and how they can work on crushing it.


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Child anxiety doesn't just hit your child's mind, it hits their stomach as well.

Watch Kids Youtube Video on Helping Kids who Worry About their Health:


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