How do I keep my kids safe?

In this week’s episode of Ask the Child Therapist, I am answering the question, “How do I keep my kids safe?” We all want to keep our kids safe, but are we doing all we can to ensure that it happens? We need to go beyond stranger danger with our kids.


In this week’s video I discuss what you can do as a parent and what you can teach your child. Both are equally important. Click below to watch this week’s video on kids safety:




We all want to keep out kids safe, but how do you do that effectively. Here are the best tips from a child therapist.

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I recently came across another therapist who offers an e-course to walk parents through completely safe guarding their technology. There are so many ways we can protect our kids if we just knew how! His wealth of knowledge is super helpful! You can learn more about his course here at iparent 101: Safety in the Digital Age.