Teaching Kids Coping Skills with Janine Halloran

Does your child struggle with self-regulation? Do they have a hard time calming down? Teaching kids coping skills can be a crucial parent of self-regulation.

Teaching kids coping skills can reduce anger, anxiety and stress. Learn the most effective coping skills with Janine Halloran.

Many of us deal with kids who don’t know how to calm down. Kids who rage over the slightest issue or kids who get paralyzed with fear with any small change.

You may not know how to build your child’s coping mechanisms. Many of us throw platitudes like, “calm down” or “you’re fine.” Unfortunately most of the time that doesn’t cut it. Teaching kids coping skills can be hard, but it is such a crucial thing to teach.

In this episode of The AT Parenting Survival Podcast I talked to Janine Halloran the creator of the site Coping Skills for Kids, and the queen of kids coping skills! She is also the author of the #1 Best Seller Coping Skills for Kids Workbook.

She is dishing out what skills we can teach our kids and how we can teach it! If you want to see more of her resources, scroll down to see them all!

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