Helping Kids Who Worry About What Other People Think

Are they staring at me? Are they texting back and forth…about me. Did I just see that kid whisper while looking at me? Does my hair look weird. Is she staring at my hair? Those girls walked by again. Are they circling around to stare at me one more time? Kids who worry about what other people think are exhausted by the end of any social interaction.

Is your child immobilized bcause they worry about what other people think? In this kids Youtube video I talk to kids about how to shift their focus.

Is this your child? Worrying about what other people think can be completely immobilizing. It can consume a child’s thoughts and rob them of happiness. I know this all too well. That was me as a child and dare I say, as an adult as well. But kids don’t have to wait until adulthood to work on these socially anxious thoughts.

In this week’s kids Youtube video, I am teaching kids how to not focus on all that is going on around them and how to focus on what is going on right in front of them.

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