Is Anxiety in Children Common? Helping Kids Realize They are Not Alone.

One thing that prevents kids from working on anxiety is….embarrassment. To work on anxiety, kids have to admit there is an issue. For some kids that is too much. They don’t believe anxiety in children is common.

Many kids ask, “is anxiety in children common.” This latest Kids Youtube video will help your child realize that they are not alone.

They feel embarrassed to have anxiety. They feel like they are weird – like they are the only ones. People don’t go around advertising they have anxiety, so it gives kids the perception that they are alone.

I’m here to dispel that belief. In this week’s kids Youtube video I answer the question, “Is anxiety in children common?”


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Anxiety loves for us to focus on it! The hard part is – when we focus on it, actually causes anxiety to dig it’s claws deeper. Teach your child to refocus their attention, even when anxiety is pounding at the door!


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