We wouldn't put our kids in danger in the real world, nor should we in the virtual world. Learn how to keep your kids safe and supervised.

If you have tweens or teens in the house, there’s a good chance that they are using smart devices and social media. In fact, about three-fourths of all teens have or had access to a smartphone. Do you talk about Internet safety?

Do you know what apps your teens have on their phone? Do you know who their online friends are – or who they video chat with late at night? Internet safety needs to be as important as our kids health and education.

Internet safety starts with learning the latest trends. Supervise what apps are being downloaded. Monitor who they are friends with online. Many teens have no problem sharing pictures and information with complete strangers because they are friends online.

With connectivity comes risk, either accidentally or on purpose. Young people may spend too much time on websites. They may engage in or be the target of unkind or bullying behavior on social media. They may be the target of online predators.

To help them navigate these waters more smoothly, parents should be involved in educating and Monitoring their teens and tweens. That may mean setting limits and establishing guidelines, as well as explaining the importance of conducting themselves in an appropriate manner while online in order to ensure Internet safety.

Kids need and want guidance, and they’re looking to caregivers to help them. For more tips and information on Internet safety, review this graphic and keep your kids safe in the virtual world.


Source: Fix.com Blog

I recently came across another therapist who offers an e-course to walk parents through completely safe guarding their technology. There are so many ways we can protect our kids if we just knew how! His wealth of knowledge is super helpful! You can learn more about his course here at iparent 101: Safety in the Digital Age.

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