How to Help a Child Who Gets Images Stuck in Their Head

We all get songs stuck in our head from time to time. But kids with anxiety or OCD have “sticky” minds. Things get stuck in their brains all the time. When a child gets images stuck in their head, it can cause some serious distress. They might wonder:


When will this image go away?

What if this image is always in my head?

Every time I see this image it scares me!

I must do whatever I can to get this image to go away!


Sadly, the more we try to have our brain not think about something…the more it thinks about it!

Does your child get images stuck in their head? That is a common anxiety or OCD issue that many people deal with. In this kids Youtube video I talk to kids about how to handle this problem.


So how can kids get relief? A child on my Kids Youtube channel recently asked that exact question. So instead of answering the question just for him, I made a kids Youtube video to help all the kids with the exact same question.


Maybe your child struggles with the same issue?


Click below and have them watch this video just for them: